Festa Junina



Come to the school’s Festa Junina and dance with us. It’s only R$ 0,50 and you will be helping the 9th grade to go to a graduation trip!


Valentine’s Day

Hi everybody,

Pibid is back with amazing projects for the school! Last week (May, 16th), we organized a Valentine’s Day event for the students to celebrate love with friends during the break time.


In the event, dozens students wrote letters to their loved ones in the school and deposited in our lovely mailboxes. After the break, the “pibidians mail carriers” went to the classrooms to deliver the letters for the students. It was very nice to see that the students were so determined to make their friends smile with such cute messages.



Also, students took pictures with their current relationship status. The photo sessions were very fun and very funny and it was awesome that nobody was ashamed of being “waiting for a miracle” or “forever alone”.


Of course that such event could not be silent, so we played some romantic songs to melt our students’ hearts. You can listen to our playlist below!

The Scientist – Coldplay

True Colors – Cyndi Lauper

I’ve Just Seen a Face – Across The Universe

Love is an Open Door – Frozen

The Only Exception – Paramore

Smile – Lily Allen

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum 

Jolene – Miley Cyrus

Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

We Are Never Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift

Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez

Thank you very much, Olímpio Vianna Albretch for the support and enthusiasm with this project. Also, pay attention to our Facebook page, our Blog and our Board in the school, because new projects are comming!

Easter Eggs Project

Eggs drying

     During the end of March and the beginning of April, the pibidianos and teacher Rita developed and applied a little Easter project, called the “Easter Eggs Project”. In this project, the students would learn how to interpret sentences in imperative mood and would try to create sentences using adjectives to praise their classmates while learning how to create an Easter egg made of wool.

     The project took two classes to be concluded and demanded a lot of work from the students and “teachers”. In the first class, the students got to learn how to make an woolen Easter egg through a PowerPoint presentation that included vocabulary about the materials needed to produce the egg and the walkthrough with imperative sentences.

     The students were very integrated with the production of their eggs. They created groups to share the glue recipient and some of the groups decided to adopt different tactics to make the eggs faster, like everybody doing one egg at time. In the end, we could realize that this first part of the project was very integrative, even though we were expecting the real integration in the second part.

     At the end of the first class, the students handed their eggs to the pibidianos so the glue could dry and the eggs get hard. In the following class, after the students saw their work, they put some chocolates inside and sorted a name to be their secret friend. Then, they started to write sentences in simple present using adjectives that characterize their secret friends in order to be guessed by the other students.

     At the end of the class, the students formed a circle and, one by one, they went to the center and read their sentences. Through the adjectives, the class tried to guess who was the secret friend described by the person in the center and hardly ever they missed!

Students showing the product of their work.

     The second part had to be made in a rush, but it was all about the fun. The students were a little bit sad about giving their eggs to a class mate, but the Easter spirit was stronger and they were happy to offer the presents. The whole class got to write the sentences, with or without help from teacher and classmates and in the end we all were truly amazed with the success that this project was.

     We want to thank you, students, for being so receptive in our first project and say that in the next year we will be back with more Easter projects. And if you, reader, want to make your own Woolen Easter Eggs, you can see our PowerPoint presentation HERE.